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MRMW Africa, Nov 3-5, 2015 Cape Town

September 18, 2015

Join us to spark new ideas, test methodologies and identify the upcoming technologies that will shape market research in Africa for the years to come. In 2015, MRMW will provide you with the tools, knowledge and expertise to meet the modern user’s standards. [read more]

MSRA 2015 Conference

July 30, 2015

The African middle class has been over-hyped in recent years and is generating huge commercial and political opportunities, but is it a genuine phenomenon. In line with the conference theme we are specifically looking for presentation papers for this conference. [read more]

MSRA 2014 Newsletters

January 20, 2015

MSRA 2014 Newsletter: Issue 29 (Jan and Feb), Issue 30 and Issue 31. Topics: Africans Response to Kenyan Parliament’s Motion to Withdraw from the ICC. The Impact of the Westgate Attack. “MR Apprentices” – Here They Come! [read more]

Security in Nairobi – Analysis of Survey Data

November 6, 2014

Security in Nairobi – Analysis of Survey Data (publication) Author: Jane Delorie/Margit Cleveland Date: Thu, 6 Nov, 2014 During 2013/14 MSRA has developed a programme of Accredited Interviewer Training with the objective of improving the quality [read more]

MSRA 2013 Newsletters

January 20, 2014

Download the newsletters here: MSRA 2013 Newsletter Issue 25 (for March and April) Document Type: PDF File | Size: 981KB MSRA 2013 Newsletter Issue 26 (for May and June) Document Type: PDF File | Size: 1,385KB MSRA [read more]

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