September 26, 2017


On this page, you will be able to pay for your MSRA Membership via PesaPal or PayPal. With PesaPal, you can pay for your MSRA memberships and events using Visa, MasterCard, MPesa, Airtel Money and more payment gateways as they are added over time. When you pay using PayPal, you don’t even need to sign up.

How it works

When you’re ready to make a payment for your MSRA membership or events, simply click the appropriate link below which will take to our PesaPal online store. If you select PayPal, you will be sent to in order to complete your transaction. Both methods are completely secure via encrypted SSL technology .

Are you ready?

Pay with PesaPal

Pay with PayPal

Need Assistance?

If you have any problems using PesaPal or PayPal, please contact us via the online contact form and we will help you resolve the issue.