March 27, 2023

ICC/ESOMAR Code Adopted by MSRA


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March 27, 2017 


National association notifies adoption of the Code for researchers in Kenya

Amsterdam, the Netherlands, March 27, 2017– ESOMAR, the World Association for Data, Research and Insights and Marketing & Social Research Association (MSRA) are delighted to announce the adoption by MSRA of the revised ICC/ESOMAR Code on Market, Opinion and Social Research and Data Analytics. The ICC/ESOMAR Code, most recently revised in December 2016, now has an expanded scope covering the field of data analytics.

By signifying its adoption, the members of MSRA will now be governed by the same Code of Conduct, guidelines, principles and requirements as the international research and data analytics community, thereby fostering a greater common public trust and confidence in research and analytics and strengthening international compatibility worldwide.

“The expansion of coverage to include [National Association’s] members is a very welcome development in our efforts to establish a consistent and comprehensive global self-regulation framework, as well as a common platform for reinforcing the public’s trust” said ESOMAR’s Director General Finn Raben

MSRA will become the first point of contact for domestic complaints in the country and will be responsible enforcing the ICC/ESOMAR Code in the jurisdiction making it a crucial partner in the industry’s efforts to establish effective self-regulation. ESOMAR and MSRA will continue to work together to ensure consistency across all markets.

“As MSRA continues to build a firm foundation for our self regulatory body, we believe the adoption of  the ICC/ESOMAR Code, will further enhance and stream line member activities and practices. Together with our Code of Ethics (launched & effected in 2015), the ICC/ESOMAR Code also communicates to research buyers and other stakeholders, the industry’s commitment to delivering quality research on the African Continent”. said the Associations Chairperson Althea McCourt.

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About the ICC/ESOMAR International Code on Market, Opinion and Social Research and Data Analytics:

Last revised in 2016, the Code is a recognised global standard for the US$70 billion market research sector. The Code provides a unique set of guidelines for professionals who provide data-driven research solutions for business and social challenges.

The revision of the Code will continue to serve as the self-regulatory framework that has been successfully in place for many decades.

ESOMAR has promoted the use of a market research code since 1948 and joined with ICC in 1977 to create a universal code for the global market research industry, built on the existing international code based on the international ICC Code of Standards of Advertising Practice.

The ICC/ESOMAR International Code on Market, Opinion and Social Research and Data Analytics can be found here:

About the International Chamber of Commerce:

The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) is the world’s largest business organization with a network of over 6.5 million members in more than 130 countries. ICC works to promote international trade, responsible business conduct and a global approach to regulation through a unique mix of advocacy and standard setting activities – together with market-leading dispute resolution services. ICC members include many of the world’s largest companies, SMEs, business associations and local chamber of commerce.

All ICC codes and guidelines are available online at

ICC: Raelene Martin at


ESOMAR is the global voice of the data, research and insights community, speaking on behalf of over 5000 individual professionals and more than 500 companies who provide or commission data analytics and research in more than 130 countries, all of whom agree to uphold the ICC/ESOMAR International Code.

Together with national and international research associations, we set and promote professional standards and self-regulation for our sector and encourage, advance and advocate the role and value of data analytics, market and opinion research in illuminating real issues and bringing about effective decision-making.

The ICC/ESOMAR Code and all ESOMAR guidelines are available on

ESOMAR: Finn Raben at

About MSRA

The Marketing & Social Research Association, MSRA, was established to provide a forum within which research practitioners can work together in a spirit of cooperation, support and mutual goodwill to ensure professionalism in the industry. The Association attracts membership from those who spend a major portion of their professional time in planning, directing, executing, interpreting or presenting social and marketing research projects.

MSRA members aim to establish common and acceptable standards of practice and behaviour in the industry by abiding to the various codes and guidelines available on

MSRA: Althea McCourt at

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    Can each country have its own MSRA or research firms in a given region need to join a regional association?

    I appreciate the all the revision for this code of conduct because it makes more professional our industry.

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