March 27, 2023

2010 Research Industry Survey Results

» Africa, The Last Frontier?
Written by: David Somers

Although the official ESOMAR Global Market Research Report (2009) has not yet been released, one can be quite confident in assuming that the global market research industry as a whole, in line with the downturn of the global economy, was quite badly affected in 2009. This is already clear from the published 2009 results of the listed market research companies.

In the published ESOMAR Global Market Research Report of 2008 Africa represented only 1% of total global market research spend of which the East African market research industry represented about 10% of the African market research industry.

Despite the global economical downturn and the decline in global market research spend, the 2010 MSRA survey, once again recorded outstanding growth for the East African research industry with member revenues increasing from Kshs 1,785m in 2008 to Kshs 2,250m during 2009. (continue)

2009 Research Industry Survey Results

» Written by: Jane Delorie, MD, Research Solutions Ltd

According to the latest ESOMAR Global Market Research Report (2008), Africa represents only 1% of total global research spend with revenue of US$ 266m. However this is up from $222m the previous year and has been growing steadily since the millennium. Indeed Africa represents the fastest growing region with absolute year on year growth in 2008 of 25.9%. This compares with global growth for the industry of 6.5% and is ahead of all BRIC countries (Brazil 3.4%, Russia 21%, India 20% and China 15%).

The 2009 MSRA survey once again recorded outstanding growth for East Africa’s research industry with member revenue increasing from Kshs 1,400m in 2007 to Kshs 1,785m during 2008. This represented growth of over 27%.

Whilst MSRA members represent the majority of researchers in East Africa, an estimate for non-member revenue can be added to give an overall research spend for East Africa of around Kshs 2bn. (continue)

2008 Research Industry Survey Results

» Consolidating Gains 2008 Research Industry Survey Results

Each year the Marketing and Social Research Association (MSRA) takes a close look at the health of the East African research industry. The survey records actual revenue of member agencies for the previous calendar year and asks agency heads to forecast future growth. The 2007 survey recorded phenomenal growth for East Africa’s research industry with revenue increasing from Kshs 890m (US$14m) to Kshs 1,330m (US$20m) during 2006. This represented growth of over 40%, compared to the predicted growth rate of 15%. In contrast, 2007 appears to have been a year of consolidation with annual revenue increasing by less than 10% to Kshs 1,400m (US$22m). This returns us to the slow but steady growth patterns of earlier years as can be seen below.

MSRA members are optimistic about continued growth and believe increasing economic interest in Africa will continue the development of a robust marketplace for their skills. Future growth is expected to come from two main sources; increased foreign inward investment to Africa from traditional Western trading partners as well as newer Eastern tiger economies and; growing competition within local marketplaces.

In the past few years, Kenyan based research agencies have positioned themselves to take advantage of this interest in Africa and Kenya has emerged as the hub country for much of the research done across the continent. Indeed, Kenya agencies now conduct work in most sub-Saharan African countries. (continue)