March 23, 2023

MSRA 2014 Newsletter Issue 31

Westgate attacks

Africans Response to Kenyan Parliament’s Motion to Withdraw from the ICC | by Infinite Insight Ltd

Following the indictment of President Uhuru Kenyatta and Vice-President William Ruto for their alleged involvement in the 2007/2008 post-election violence, Kenya’s parliament passed a motion to withdraw from the Rome Statutes and the ICC  in The Hague  in  September  2013.  Although  the  motion  has  yet  to  be  acted  upon  –  Kenya remains a signatory to the Rome Statutes – Kenya actively sought support from other African nations as well as the AU. To gauge the opinions of Africans themselves, a question was inserted in our first Africa Network survey, conducted by INFINITE INSIGHT, ASK AFRIKA and PRACTICAL SAMPLING INTERNATIONAL. The sample covered over 4,300 respondents  in 9 countries across East, West and Southern  Africa. The  survey  was  conducted in November and December 2013…

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The Impact of the Westgate Attack  |  by Evolution Africa

In  the context of the interviewer accreditation programme, cosponsored by  MSRA, GFK Verein and KFW/DEG, Evolution Africa  conducted  a  series of  3-day interviewer training workshops. To measure the impact of the training, interviewers were sent  to conduct 5 interviews at the start of the workshop (PRE wave); at  the end of the workshop, another fieldwork exercise was carried out  (POST  wave); comparing the  results of  both waves enabled the trainers to measure the positive influence the training sessions had on interviewer performance.
The topic of the training questionnaire was the security situation in Nairobi; this included, among others, questions on perceived insecurity and ratings of police, courts and the military. Although the questionnaire was designed for training purposes, the results nevertheless provide interesting insight into security perceptions of inhabitants of Nairobi…

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“DRUMBEAT 2004”: A Decade of the Pan Africa LSM in Kenya and Why We Are Overdue for an Upgrade  |  by Millward Brown E.A. Ltd

Origins of the LSMs

“This short note is designed to help you navigate the LSM data for  the 15 countries covered in project Drumbeat.  For each country  there are two sets of Living Standard Measures (LSMs). One is the Drumbeat Africa Regional  LSM (DAR LSM) which is exclusive to the ten members of the African  Marketing Syndicate that commissioned project Drumbeat and the other are country specific LSM groups”.

So began the introduction to the LSMs in 2004, but indeed the work on LSMs had began several years before. Inspired by Unilever in collaboration with SAARF (South African Advertising Research Foundation) a factor analysis was conducted using a wide range of variables during the 1990s. Initial experimental and exploratory work on this  was conducted on consumer panel data by Joe Boniasczczuk and Bill Hunt of Research International South Africa. But the second leg of this work that resulted in what  we today refer to as the Pan African LSMs was on the back of some  initial academic work by Zimbabwean Ms. Tendai  Mhizha who many acknowledge today as the “Mother of LSMs”…

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