March 23, 2023

Qualitative Data Analysis

Qualitative Data Analysis


  • Qualitative Data Analysis


  • Matthew B. Miles
  • A. Michael Huberman


Sage Publications Inc.

Overview of book

This book equips the researcher with the diverse  methods of qualitative data analysis. It is comprised of a wide  range of techniques, ideas and references that are useful in drawing meaning from qualitative data. Methods of data analysis enumerated in this text are practical, communicable and non-self-deluding. In essence, this book will give us knowledge that we can rely on.

Target Readers

  • This book is great for practicing researchers in all fields of human sciences whose work whether basic or applied involves dealing with actual qualitative data analysis issues.
  • It is also a vital resource tool for beginning researchers since the language used is accessible and supportive.
  • Staff specialists and managers will also find this text very informative since they rely on qualitative information as a routine part of their work and need practical methods for making the best use of it.


The topics covered in this book are as follows:

  • Focusing and bounding:
    – The substansive start
    – Further design issues
  • Early steps in analysis
  • Within case displays
    – Exploring and describing
    – Explaining and predicting
  • Cross case displays
    – Exploring and describing
    – Explaining and predicting
  • Matrix display
  • Making good sense- drawing and verifying conclusions
  • Ethical issues in analysis
  • Producing reports

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