March 27, 2023

Statistics For Management

Statistics for Management



  • Pearson Education Inc.

Overview of book

This book enumerates what statistics is, when to apply statistical techniques to decision-making situations and how to interpret the results you get.

Target Readers

Practicing researchers both in social and marketing fields will find this book very informative both at present and in the future.


The topics covered in this book are as follows:

  • Grouping and displaying data to convey meaning
  • Measures of Central tendency and dispersion in frequency distributions
  • Probability I- Introductory ideas
  • Probability distributions
  • Sampling and sampling distributions
  • Estimation
  • Testing hypothesis
  • Quality and quality control
  • Chi square and analysis
  • Simple regression and correlation
  • Multiple regression and modeling
  • Non parametric methods
  • Time series and forecasting
  • Index numbers
  • Decision theory

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